Waysmeet Center and Cornucopia Food Pantry

Dietetic Technology professor, Nancy Johnson received a note from Rev. Larry Brickner-Wood of the Waysmeet Center and Cornucopia Food Pantry about three DT students who worked there as part of community nutrition supervised practice the last few weeks of the semester.  The Thompson School would like to congratulate Dietetic Technician students, Taylor Duggan, Leah Schwanke, and George Tilton for their amazing work!

Dear Nancy,
I also filled out an evaluation form for Leah, Taylor and George.  You have sent some wonderful students our way before, but I wanted to say that these three were simply amazing and so wonderful to work with!  Each one of them added a unique and positive focus to Waysmeet and Cornucupia, and did their work with passion, humor, focus, capability, and competence.  Leah and Taylor were the very first volunteers to come early on November 26th, our
second day of Thanksgiving Food baskets, when customers came way too early, we had few volunteers, and things got off to a rocky start.  Without their calm, collected and wise help, we would have been in real trouble.  Not only that, they came back after classes to help out at the back end--and it was quite fitting to begin and end that arduous day of food baskets with these two extremely delightful people.  They were also there on that first day.  I am sure they do not realize the impacts they had and the difference they made those days but we do, and are forever grateful.

They also were amazing in helping us take ripe and ready to go fruit and turn it into banana bread, apple crisp and more, researching recipes, experimenting with different ingredients, and having such a good time that everyone around them wanted to help--and the loaves and dishes they created were delicious.

Whenever I hear folks grumble about the future or young people, I will add these three to my long list of reasons to be hopeful, to believe in the future, and to know that this current generation of young people will be perhaps the most remarkable that we have seen.  They get an enthusiastic A+ from us here at the Waysmeet Center for all that they did, and the beautiful and wonderful way they conducted themselves and treated others.  Thank you for sending them our way, and giving us some of our best volunteers of 2013!


Rev. Larry Brickner-Wood
Chaplain and Executive Director
The Waysmeet Center @ UNH