Veterinary Technology


Applied Animal Science professor, Drew Conroy introduces his two oxen to Veterinary Technology students during Large Animal Behavior & Handling class (AAS 421)!


"Hands-on experience is critical when you work with animals. Here, you learn how to do procedures with confidence.” - Tasha Dooley ‘14

Courses in the program will cover basic sciences, veterinary nursing, and veterinary practice management, with a strong focus on hands-on practical knowledge throughout the curriculum.  All students will learn basic knowledge and skills for the major domestic animal species (dog, cat, horse, and cow).  There will be an opportunity for students to focus their studies on a given species through a variety of elective course offerings, most of which are current Applied Animal Science courses.  Integration of knowledge in communications, veterinary ethical and legal issues, veterinary practice management, clinical reasoning skills and hands-on technical skills will allow students to become complete veterinary technicians, capable of providing high-quality, compassionate and expert care to animals both small and large.

The program has applied for accreditation by the AVMA, and an initial evaluation is planned for the spring of 2014.  Application for accreditation does not guarantee accreditation.  Students who graduate from an accredited program are eligible to take the Veterinary Technician National Exam (VTNE) and pursue credentialing.

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Admission Requirements:

Applicants must present college preparatory English and at least two years of satisfactory work in both college preparatory mathematics and science (both biology and chemistry, with labs, are required).


The primary goal of the program is to provide students with exceptional technical and clinical reasoning skills and knowledge in veterinary technology such that graduates will be immediate and valuable members of a veterinary medical team.  Additionally, the program aims to develop a firm foundation in farm animal veterinary practices.