Integrated Agriculture Management


Students taking AAS 432, Intro to Forage and Grassland Management are out in the field!


Chickens, chickens and more chickens!  Students get hands-on in a chicken coop!

Farming Through Experience and Education

Integrated Agriculture graduate, Jake Harris takes his knowledge and experience home to his family farm in Dayton, Maine!

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The Integrated Agriculture Management (IAG) program is truly inter-programmatic, drawing upon diverse course offerings by all of the academic programs at the Thompson School of Applied Science. IAG offers you more flexibility in choosing courses of interest in fields related to food and agriculture, than any single Thompson School program currently permits. Our goal is to address the rapidly growing national awareness of the relationships between agriculture, forestry, business management and marketing, nutrition, food systems, the environment and community.


IAG combines sustainable agriculture, organic production, local foods, farmers’ markets, slow food, community supported agriculture, business, nutrition as well as soil, water and forest conservation in a myriad of ways that are driven completely by the student.  We’re tapping into a growing desire for specific education and degrees that lead to the career of your choice.  With smaller farms starting in suburban areas who wish to offer a diverse array of products, this degree could be the jumping off point to great things.  And not just for those who wish to be farmers.  The options to combine different program offerings into one degree are endless.

Admissions Requirements:

Applicants to Integrated Agriculture Management must present at least two years each of satisfactory work in college preparatory mathematics and sciences. One of the science courses should be biology with a lab.