Dave Tooch, Business Consultant & Author!

Meet Professor Dave Tooch, the Thompson School’s Business Consultant and Business Author!

Dave is arguably the world’s greatest professor of managerial accounting-- the course that teaches students and others how make money-- how to run a lean and mean business and how to run a lean and mean lifetime personal financial plan. As Dave says, “if there is someone out there with skills and techniques in this area that I don’t, I’d love to meet them and learn more!”

Dave grew up working in a very successful catering business in the NYC area and enjoyed a thirty-year career in the forest products industry from laborer to top manager, consultant, and trainer to both production workers and company owners and managers. “Tooch” as he is known by students is also the author of several books, including Building a Business Plan, published by Prentice Hall and his recently released Managerial Accounting, a Guide to Business and Personal Financial Success, published by Cognella.

The focus of Dave’s teaching beyond the technical training of business management, is to help students find careers that match up with their life’s passions. A job is much more fun if you love what you’re doing. Dave always reminds students and others that “if work is fun, work is not work!”

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