Capstone Projects & Portfolios

Congratulations to the CoLead students who presented their Capstone Projects and Portfolios!

The Community Leadership Program is an innovative associate degree and diploma program that prepares students of all ages to work effectively within community organizations and to be active, influential citizens. This exhibition displays students’ leadership portfolios and highlights significant community projects and partnerships.

Leah Burke
Seacoast Roads Capstone Project

Morgan Curley
Buoy-boat for Baseball

Maggi Hanson
Waysmeet Capstone Project

Jeffrey Lutz
Elsa’s Slow Shuffle

Erin McKane
Play for Paws

Gabrielle Moen
Community Leadership Collaborat

Nicholas Pelrine
The ORYA Hockey Clinic

Margaret Saliba
Volunteering with Adults with Developmental Disabilities on the UNH Campus

Niklas Sigl
Todd’s 5K

Well done!