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As an alum of the Thompson School, we value your experience and would like to share it with our prospective students and other alums on our website.  If you are interested in sharing your experience, please complete the following questionnaire (please be specific in your answers).  You will be required to attach a photo and the results of your questionnaire will be crafted into a story about your overall experience at UNH and Thompson School.  If you would prefer to create your own story and not answer questions, please email us at

Our current program areas are: Applied Animal Science, Applied Business Management, Civil Technology, Community Leadership, Culinary Arts and Nutrition (However most in the past would have graduated with a degree in Food Service Management), Forest Technology and Horticultural Technology
Please list your concentration: Dairy Management, Equine Management, Small Animal Care, Business Management, Restaurant Management, Architectural Technology, Construction Management, Surveying and Mapping, Culinary Arts, Dietetic Technician, Landscape Operations, Ornamental Horticulture.
Please list any additional schooling you completed after leaving TSAS.
You may include work, or life in general.
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