Applied Animal Science Program

Small Animal Care - Recommended Electives

Veterinary Assistant:

AAS 221  Large Animal Behavior and Handling
AAS 227  Large Animal Diseases
AAS 250  Clinical Animal Nursing Techniques II
AAS 274  Dairy Cattle Disease Seminar
AAS 279  Small Animal Care Practicum II
AAS 437  Equine Handling and Care Techniques

Animal Welfare/Animal Control

AAS 219   Animal Cruelty Investigation and Prosecution
AAS 258   Animal Population Management
AAS 251   Human Animal Bond
CSL 402   Introduction to Non-profit Organizations
FORT 269 Wildlife Ecology and Conservation (or *NR 433)
*PSYC 401 Introduction to Psychology

Animal Behavior/Training

AAS 251  Human Animal Bond
AAS 292  Canine Learning Theory and Application
OT 510    Exploring Occupational Therapy and Occupation
*PSYC 401 Introduction to Psychology
*PSYC 521 Behavior Analysis
*PSYC 531 Psychobiology

 Kennel Management/Grooming

AAS 222  Grooming II
AAS 258  Animal Population Management
AAS 251  Human Animal Bond
AAS 292  Canine Learning Theory and Application
AAS 292  Animal Business Concepts


Animal Scienc students work with bones to learn about animalsOther Electives: 
AAS 223  Dairy Selection
AAS 252   Equine Health Management
AAS 276/7  Introduction to Laboratory Animal Science

* Denotes a non-Thompson School course.  These courses require a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA and may not be taken in a student's first semester.  Only AAS courses count towards the 3 AAS electives required for the major.

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